No Lesson Is better than Insult

No Lesson Is better than Insult

At least once in life, we all have realized that “No lesson is better than insult”. So, in that case you’ll completely agree with me. Just like everyone else, I too have learnt a lesson from insult. It was in the 90’s era when I launched Royal Classic Groups with my brothers and we were engaged in the export activity. Our whole business was dependent in the European and US Markets.

I used to see a lot of foreign products invading India and wondered if they can set up their business in India then, why shouldn’t I use this opportunity to give the best quality products to my people? So, this was it and I launched Classic Polo in the year 2001 hoping for a major hit. It did go well, but before that it had to go under a lot of difficulties. People used to mock me by saying what does a guy from South India know about Fashion, and these things lit a fire inside me to produce not only the best quality products, but also to make my products as trendsetters. It did really well and still is.

Now, Classic Polo has a set an example all over the country and has become a fabric expert. We are known for transforming a simple Fibre into Fashion. So, you should know your flaws and collect the stones thrown on you to build an empire. Always make sure not to “Perfume the Pig”. Even people in north India have accepted our products as fashionable and we have Classic Polo stores all over the country. Everything depends on how you see an insult and work on it. 

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