Classic Polo, a purveyor of fine clothing, timeless designs, and environmentally conscious brand.

Classic Polo, a purveyor of fine clothing, timeless designs, and environmentally conscious brand.

Incepted in 2001, Classic Polo has been synonymous with trust, quality, and innovation in the chosen mid-premium position. Royal Classic Groups was founded with a vision to succeed in a new business landscape and a deeper commitment to offering one of the best-in-class quality products. The brand caters to the needs of the cosmopolitan, mature, and upwardly. mobile man with an exquisite plethora of options such as T-shirts, shirts, trousers, denims, loungewear, winter athleisure, Innerwears, and accessories.

With sustainability and innovation at its heart, Classic Polo’s philosophy of simplicity in timeless products designed to last influences people to be environmentally conscious by buying clothes that don’t harm nature. They have a conscious focus on resource efficiency improvement as well as recycling, therefore invest in one of the best-advanced technologies like Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), windmills, biogas plants, sewage treatment plants, and rainwater harvesting practices to reduce water, air, and land pollution and re-use the water by plowing back into the system thereby respecting the planet and the people.

Mother Earth is a giver, no doubt, but are we reciprocating? Yes, at Royal Classic Groups through their NGO – VETRY are dynamically associated with green projects apart from development activities performed by eminent business people of Tirupur in the overall up-gradation of the people and ecology While the pandemic continues to present unprecedented challenges, Classic Polo has realigned its business model and started focusing on digitalization, e-commerce, and sustainability. Classic Polo is a purveyor of fine clothing for aspiring Indian youth promising them elegant style and remarkable comfort at affordable yet mid-premium.

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