Journey behind Organic Farm School

Journey behind Organic Farm School

I have started an organic farm school with the Vetry foundation to educate people about farming. This has been started to train aspiring farmers to learn and practice the skills they will need to run a small scale organic farm.

Through weekly lectures, discussions, and demonstrations on topics including organic crop and livestock production, soil science, we equip farmers to cooperatively manage their ten-acre land. Participants receive a thorough knowledge on small organic small farm management. They are also thought through a variety of trials and group projects, while these activities are beneficial for them to have fun while learning.

Aspiring farmers and interested college students have joined this organic farm school for no charges and are being taught by experts who teach them various methods of farming and the recent technologies required in the farms. Participants learn how to oper­ate trac­tors, make com­post, man­age the farm’s livestock, and much more. With the skills and knowl­edge gained and a busi­ness plan in hand, pro­gram grad­u­ates leave with a much more clear and realistic understanding of what it will take to start their own or man­age another’s small organic farm.

Each year we receive inquiries and applications from students who are very much interested in organic farming. Since we believe that every aspiring farmer deserves a chance to reach their goals, we don’t restrict any one from joining this organic farm school. It is open to any one as there is no age bar to learn. It is just an another initiative to give the mother earth back what she spared us.

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