Construction of a Government School

Construction of a Government School

We are living in a materialistic world, where everyone is in the race to earn money, buy cars, property, assets and live a happy life that he has imagined. To fulfil this dream, a person has to be well educated and lead a life of respect in the society. If there are no proper facilities in the school and the basic requirement not provided to the students, the students cannot study in those schools and create a bright future for them.

After seeing the condition of the Government school located in Iduvampalayam, Tiruppur, I decided to adopt this school with the help of Vetry Foundation and renovate it. I started renovating in the year 2008 with all new 10 Acres campus and tried to provide the basic facilities to the students, so that they don’t feel themselves weaker than others.

I have successfully built 30 classrooms with the best infrastructure. It does not look less than any private school in any way. A spacious dining hall is built for the students with a good seating arrangement for them to dine in comfortably. Separate toilets for girls and boys have also been built for them.

Extra circular activities help the students to find out their hidden talent and to find out these talents, I have provided them a spacious auditorium to enjoy their golden period of life. This is the time when the children can learn skill easily and a right environment for them can make them Great personalities of the world. The support offered by me to this school is still is still going. I am trying to give the best facilities to this school, that no other private school would hardly give.

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