Bringing out the real colors of the lake

Bringing out the real colors of the lake

It is very easy to spot the rivers, lakes, dams, and complaining about the uncleaned water and unhygienic places. So, I took this as a big opportunity and turned it into a major hit, by converting the Andipalayam lake (a public utility) sprawling in an area of 75 acres, hitherto in a bad shape, which is inside Tiruppur Corporation Limits into the cleaned lake. This was done along with the hands-on participation by the public and de-silting of the lake was completed. I have teamed up with Vetry foundation and have contributed to the welfare of society. In association and with the help of local administration and government machinery, the entire stretch of 2.5 kilometers of tank bund was reinforced with stone revetment and two big islands have been created inside the tank for nesting of migratory birds.

It seems to be a difficult task until we complete it. It did seem impossible in the start, but as soon as we started doing it, the path became more clear and the vision to convert the unhygienic and dirty lake into a cleaned one was set to achieve. We’ve contributed our continuous effort to this project in the years 2005 & 2013. It has been considered a remarkable effort by the local administration and government.

Just have a direction and the desire to complete the vision, everything seems easier and everything will favor according to your needs. This project was successful because of the confidence everyone had in themselves and the quality time that we’ve spent on this.

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