Classic Polo transforms Fibre into Fashion

Classic Polo transforms Fibre into Fashion

Being a manufacturer, Brand builder & Retailer, I have garnered decorous experience in retail and marketing skills over the past 20 years and today Classic Polo has its chunk of INR 300 crore in the Retail space. Classic Polo is the finest Indian apparel brand launched in 2001. A made-in-India brand, internationally crafted exclusively for men. Now, Classic Polo has got new budding siblings in the name of CP BRO, to cater to the youth, Swiss Club to cater to the online Market and Smash to cater to Wholesale online marketing. CP Bro is my younger brand designed for young men, the trendsetters of our society. The past 30 years of my Business acumen and 20 years of Retail experience have motivated me to give the successful formula to grow Branded Apparel revenue by 30 % year on year.

It was in 2001 launch that the Brand Classic Polo came into being, and today this brand has become a household name and finds a place in Men’s wardrobe collections across India and other Asian countries. Classic Polo has its presence in 3000 multi-brand apparel showrooms across the country, 100 Shop-in-Shops arrangements at Large Format Departmental stores and has its 150 Exclusive outlets Pan India, rolled over through Franchisee model. From a normal product to a “Brand”, this journey was possible only because of the best quality that we provide to our customers.

Brand Classic Polo was awarded the best brand of the year (2005-06) award in the men’s casual wear category by the clothing manufacturers association of India. Internationally RCG is fabricating for high-end trademarks and natively it is popular for Classic Polo and CP Bro brands. We are growing rapidly with our brand recognition in the Indian market and the audience’s response to our product is encouraging us to work hard. Young men are appreciating the flawless fabric, effortless style with the latest designs at a reasonable price. 81.9% of men in India have used Classic Polo outfits and loved them because of the flawless fabric available at a reasonable price. Most of them say they have started loving the brand because of the comfort that it provides to the wearer.

Since 2001, Classic Polo has been a source domain of the Indian apparel industry, crafting the finest products and being at the forefront of trendy fashion. From formal shirts to ankle socks, everything that a man needs is available in Classic Polo to make your work easier to find the best products. We are known for the best polo t-shirts that we provide. Only because of the constant effort, hard work, and the best quality, we are known as a renowned brand in India today.

The journey of transforming the fabric to fashion has been incredibly performing well until now, and probably always will. We pride ourselves on our premium fabrics, superior tailoring, and comfortable fits. We love spending time creating clothing of elegant style and remarkable comfort that makes you look good and feel great.

If you’re looking for affordable but premium smart casual clothing for your refreshed wardrobe, Classic Polo products are perfect for you. You can get the trendy and fashionable products on our website

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